Which products support WAN optimization?

Site2Site XOS Tunnels
The EdgeXL unit provides WAN optimization via its Site2Site XOS tunnels.  This optimization includes data compression and TCP acceleration (adaptive tuning) across the tunnel.
- Uncompressed traffic is accelerated through data compression algorithms which produce small data packets and thus faster downloads.  NOTE:  These algorithms are tailored for uncompressed traffic and do not improve pre-compressed data.
- TCP Acceleration (adaptive tuning) is used to speed up TCP-based application response times and improve performance over links with high latency.
- Forward error checing is a process built-in to most TCP-based applications which the EdgeXL takes advantage of to improve performance when packet loss is high do to latency delays or poor circuit performance.
Typically performance across the tunnel can be improved by 300-500% depending on compression rates.  When traffic is further balanced across multiple connections, greater improvements can be achieved.

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