MSA Testing

Network Load Balancing > Link Bonding
In order to test link bonding the easiest method is to utilize either our own test site, or one of the many other speed test sites available on the Internet.
MSA link bonding is enabled by default, so to test the difference, make sure you have MSA disabled prior to performing your initial testing.  This can be done by going to the MSA Link Bonding control under the AppRouting tab and disabling MSA.  Then perform a speed test.
After the initial speed test is complete, re-enable MSA and make sure that "Test Mode" is also enabled to ensure that link bonding is enabled for all sites.  This will ensure the that the speed test site that you are using will work.  The site will work in all cases as it is a default site in the MSA site listing.
Once enabled, perform the speed test again.  You should see much faster throughput with the combined links.

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